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Outline of Condits and Cousins Information

This is an outline of the Condits and Cousins loose-leaf documents that Dr. Norman I. Condit wanted to eventually publish. He made several outlines of what he wanted and how he wanted to put it together and I believe the below outline was his latest iteration before he passed away. He actually had the first two chapters published on the web by Cousin Beth Fay at Descendants of John Condit, the Ancestor. There has been some minor additions to those first two chapters based on additional material put together by Norman and there are several other chapters included based on the work Dr. Norman I. Condit drafted before he died. I have taken the liberty to type and bring this information to the web to share with all the Condits and Cousins, any mistakes are surely mine and we owe a great deal of gratitude to Dr. Norman I. Condit for all this hard work.

Volume 1 History and Biography

Chapter 1 The Condit Surname

Chapter 2 Tradition, Fact and Evidence

Chapter 3 John Cundict, The Ancestor

Chapter 4 Peter Cundict and Mary Harrison

Chapter 5 Other Early Cundict's

Chapter 6 The Condit Numbering System

Chapter 7 Religion and Country of Origin of the Ancestor

Chapter 8 Who are the Condits and Cousins

Chapter 9 Publishing History of Condit Genealogy

Chapter 10 The Condit Family Association

Volume 2 Early Generations

Volume 3 Other Families and Surnames

Volumne 4 References

Volume 5 Documents and Stories of Our Condit Ancestors

As you can note from the un-linked pages above, not all the information is available at this point in time.

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