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Introduction to Condits and Cousins, Descendants of John Cundict, the Ancestor

This page is the introduction to the Condits and Cousins part of the web site. The page following this one, Outline of Condits and Cousins Information includes the information provided by Dr. Norman I. Condit in preparation for a new Condit Family Genealogy and other data that has been collected over the years. Dr. Norman I. Condit has been the Condit Family historian for about 30 years. He published a reprint of the 1916 version of the Genealogical Record of the Condit Family, Descendants of John Cunditt, 1678 to 1885, and assisted many other genealogists with information from the early days of Newark and Orange, New Jersey.

Dr. Norman I. Condit passed away 4 October 2007 and he will be greatly missed by all those he helped and provided information. Norman took over the Condit Family Association records in about 1974 and was the editor of the reprint of the 1916 edition of the Family Records published in 1980. He still had his grandfather's (Jotham Halsey Condit) original notebooks, the ones used to write the original 1885 Genealogical Record of the Condit Family, Descendants of John Cunditt, 1678 to 1885, along with the collected records of many other Condit/Cundict/Conditt/Condict members. Dr. Condit published five individual, or limited, family volumes of related surnames, all as part of what he called Volume 11 of the Condit Family Genealogy:

  • The Conditt Family: an outline genealogy of the descendants of Fielding Conditt, who was born in Virginia in 1771, published in 1978 with help from other Conditt members;
  • Summary Genealogical Records of Some Ancestors and Descendants of Jotham P. Condit (1615 1), published in 1986 by Condits and Cousins, Norman I. Condit, editor;
  • The Descent of Nathaniel Cundict/(Condit) circa 1703-1746, of Newark, New Jersey, published in 1988 by Condits and Cousins, Norman I. Condit, editor;
  • Descendants of Isaac Cundict circa 1712-1776, of Newark, New Jersey, published in 1989 by Condits and Cousins, Norman I. Condit, editor;
  • Descendants of Edward B. Condit, published 9 August 1992 by Condits and Cousins, Norman I. Condit, editor.

Each of these documents were published as an update to the 1916 revision, for the specific purpose of updating and requesting additiional updated material from these specific family lines. Norman was a prolific correspondent when it came to the Condit family and early New Jersey genealogy, writing and sharing over the years with many family members, often including family information only available or developed by himself. Each of these chapters can be photocopied and provided on request even though they are not complete.

Upon Dr. Condit's death, his family looked for a Condit descendant to continue the Condits and Cousins effort. Dr. Norman I. Condit wanted to publish information about the Condit family as well as an update to the 1916 Genealogical Record of the Condit Family, Descendants of John Cunditt, 1678 to 1885, 1916 Revision. Richard Condit of Virginia contacted me about continuing the effort and I willingly decided to attempt to follow in Norman's footsteps, although changing direction slightly. His records, library, and collection of Condit Family information have just arrived and I am currently going through it all. I hope to be able to publish to the web many of the chapters that Dr. Norman I. Condit drafted for a History and Biography of the Condit Family. This will take time to type up and format for the web but should be interesting for all who are interested in the Condit Family history. I also would like to publish to the web the Condit Family genealogy information shared with the Condit Family Association and Condits and Cousins over the past 123 years, since 1885.

As can be imagined, this will be a serious and time consuming effort. The Condit Family Association collect hundred's of family sheets during the preparation for the 1916 revision. Elroy J. Condit, of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, contacted many Condit families beginning in 1966 in an effort to update the 1916 revision and eventually sent that family information to Norman, who also collected significant family information in preparation for an update to the 1916 edition that he never had a chance to publish. Much of this information includes parents, husband and wives, siblings and off-shoots of the Condit Family but as Norman always encouraged and wanted to publish the information that "embraced not only the entire known Condit family for the previous two centuries but their inter-relationships with several other families of northern New Jersey." I hope to do that with all the family records I enter and put on the web.

First, I hope to provide most of the information that Dr. Condit drafted, with the help of others I am sure, for an update to the Condits and Cousins Family history. This information will be provided on the "Condits and Cousins" link on the left side of this page. Secondly, I would like to provide information on all the Condit families, their wives and husbands, father-in-laws and mother-in-laws, and descendants, anyone tied into our Condit family. This information will be posted incrementally to the "Genealogy" link on the left with a "Surname" index and by name index also available. I then hope to follow this up with individual paragraphs on many of our ancestors just as the 1885/1916/1980 Condit Genealogy book and other documents provide. This would include obituaries, information in County histories, and other historical documents about our common ancestors. This will be greatly expanded from the original book as in the last 100 years we have had many famous and infamous Condit descendants. Eventually, although not a given, it may be worthwhile to publish or make available on a print-on-demand basis a copy of the web data that will expand on the Condit Genealogy and continue it forward to the year 2000 and beyond.

How You Can Help

If you would like to help expand the Condits and Cousins information that is available on the web, there are several things you can do:

  1. As you browse these pages and see an error, please let me know. Little of the information is from primary sources, most is recollections of family and family members who then have shared it with the editors of Condits and Cousins. Correct any errors by emailing me.
  2. If you have information that I do not have, please share your information. There may be cousins, brothers, sisters, or grandchildren that will want to know their family history at some point in time in the future. Only you can insure the data you have is available.
  3. Fill out and send me a copy of your family information, and maybe even your parents and grandparents. If you want to know what I already have, just drop me a line and I will email you what I have. You can correct and fill in what I don't have and it will go up on the web. Please be assured that I do not put any information on the web besides name for those still living. I do use a privacy label for all family still living.
  4. Contact me and let me know you are interested in the Condits and Cousins genealogy and that you want it on the web or would rather have it in a book. Dr. Norman I. Condit wanted to print the updated version in a loose-leaf book. I would prefer to work towards putting it all on the web. What is your opinion?

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Contact Me

For additional information on any individual or to share information, please contact me, David Condit, at I will try and respond as quick as possible.
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